Christmas Boat Parade

Today I went to Joe’s Crab Shack with a group of my friends. We went there to watch the Newport Beach Boat Parade. I can’t help but think as all the pretty boats go by that such a display of wealth is a cold harsh statement of “Screw the starving people of this world!” The lights look like magic with the soft twinkles reflecting off the dancing water, I feel privileged to even see them, yet the people who own these expensive boats with elaborate displays of magic, these people must have spent a small fortune on this one event. I wonder, what would happen if we forewent the magical lights this Christmas and the large electric bills and instead took the money we saved from just the lights alone and spent it on the starving, sick, and dying children, women and men around the world?
If instead of paying an extra $20 a month on my one string of lights I would instead support a family of four in Africa for the month. And what if these rich boat owners took the hundreds of dollars and maybe even thousands of dollars they spent for the show and instead gave it to the needy? I long for the day when we can live in a world that has enough sense to stop wasting resources and instead use them to take care of the practical needs of those around us. I hate what Christmas has become. It is never about Christ, it is instead about the lights, the trees and the abundance of presents. It is about shows of wealth, deforestations and the waste of money on useless items that we don’t need anyways. Yes, I am a Grinch when it comes to Christmas because the American Christmas isn’t really about the spirit of giving. If it were, we would take our abundance and give to those in need. we would support the people who have nothing. we would give of our time, our love and our energy to help people who are desperate.  The American Christmas has become a sham. It is pretty bows and wrapping paper hiding the ugly monster of greed.
This Christmas, do something worthwhile. Buy all your gifts from Charities, don’t put up your Christmas lights and get a teeny tiny tree. Baby steps to becoming a truly great nation that celebrates a truly wonderful holiday.