A darkened world from pain and hate
a life on loneliness accepted as fate
walls built around a heart so broken
isolation growing thicker from pain unspoken.
A world austere and bleak at best
in desperate need of love to rest,
inside the heart guarded by walls
but what arrow could pierce and make them fall?

A word of truth, sharper than swords,
could only be spoken by the Lord of lords;
to pierce the heart and break the pain,
all the fire of love contained in his name.
Shame and Guilt are two false friends,
their path leads only to ruinous ends.
They bind the hands and trip the feet,
and very soon, their friend, Destruction you’ll meet.

Be wary of those who put to shame
all the power and love contained in his name.
The Judge in the street calling out “condemned”
receives himself, the bitter curse in the end.
If we in ourselves could undo what we’ve done
we would never have needed the sacrificed Son.
It isn’t enough to have rituals and rites,
instead we need Jesus, the life of all Light.

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Living for Jesus

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